Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gothic, punk, vampire names?

I need some good names that are sort of dark sounding. I'm writing a book, and they're pretty vital to the plot. Both guy and girl names'd be very much appreciated. I've been using Japanese names, but I'd like a change.

Thanks ^_^

Gothic, punk, vampire names?
Ok, how about Gerard or Mikey, and for a girl would be Chrystene or something.
Reply:how bout jade. i like that name
Reply:Edward Dante

Carlysle Perth

Rosalie Isaura

Calder Immerson
Reply:Elvira, James



Sally (muhhahahaha)




Reply:I would go for Victorian names, 1920s popular names, or virtue names - they are slightly creepy but not too trendy.

For males, names like Dorian, Thomax, Torch, Gabriel, Noble, Arthur, Jude, Ransom, Legend, Locke, Enoch, or Jarriet.

For females, Lillian, Silence, Justice, Arabella, Sophia, Laurel, Phaedra, Deidre, Mallory, Colette, Lavender, and Morgan.

Have fun writing!

Sarah, University of Metaphysical Sciences
Reply:- Grace, Drusilla, Ray, Darla, Dawn, Lilah *Indigo*, Raymond, Angel [guy], William, James, Darian or Jarhell.
Reply:Check out


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